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Does public speaking fill you with dread? Does a room full of expectant people looking up at you on stage turn your stomach? I was once like you, even as a child, I had nightmares about having to recite poems at family parties but, to the great surprise of my friends, I am now the leading public speaker in Russia.

I am not one of those glossy personalities born with the gift of effortlessly enchanting an audience; I had to learn how to do it the hard way – studying the best in the business, trying out different approaches and, of course, growing from my mistakes a long the way.

In this book, I share what I have learnt. In each chapter, I cover the fundamental elements of successful public speaking. Just as the Kama Sutra teaches how to improve relationships between a man and woman, I want to teach you how to improve your relationship with your audience – how to charm them, how to get them on side, how to deal with difficult questions, how to enjoy your time together and of course, how to ensure everyone leaves smiling.

My real-world examples cover a range of common public speaking situations and problems, so whether your boss has asked you to give a presentation or your friend has asked you to speak at his wedding, this book will teach you how to build a good repertoire with your audience and how to actually enjoy it.


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101 Tips for Public Speaking is brief and informative. Radislav Gandapas, orator and public speaking coach, has distilled everything he has learnt about public speaking into this bite-sized no-nonsense guide. He has coached politicians, executives and public figures who need to ace their public speaking and now he wants to help you…

Although this book won’t take you long to read, it will improve your public speaking performances time and time again.

101 Tips for Public Speaking is also a great reference book to give you some last minute words of wisdom just before you go on stage or make that pitch.

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